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Slurpee® Name Your Price Day raises $69,115 in donations to Food Banks Canada

On September 21st, Canadians coast-to-coast had the chance to walk into any 7-Eleven store and name the price they wanted for a large Slurpee, with 100% of the donations going to Food Banks Canada and helping out those living with food insecurity. With the help of Canadians, $69,115 was donated to Food Banks Canada this year, leading to over 130,000 meals provided through the 7-Eleven Canada Slurpee Name Your Price Day event.

“For over 50 years, we have been committed to helping the communities we operate in with events like Slurpee Name Your Price Day,” says Marc Goodman, VP & GM of 7-Eleven Canada. “We want to thank everyone who came out to enjoy a Slurpee and left knowing they made a difference in the lives of Canadians facing food insecurity.”

As food bank visits continue to increase, every dollar raised on Slurpee Name Your Price Day was crucial in helping the nearly 18% of Canadians experiencing some form of food insecurity. For every dollar donated to Food Banks Canada, two meals are provided to help those facing food insecurity. 

Slurpee Name Your Price Day is only one of the ways 7-Eleven Canada has been involved in the fight to relieve hunger. In addition, 7-Eleven Canada provides opportunities for customers to donate in-store to support food banks in their region. Last year, more than $120,000 was raised through this program to support local food banks, helping out fellow neighbours in need. 

“Thank you to 7-Eleven and all those that supported the Slurpee Name Your Price Day event,” shared Erin Filey-Wronecki, Chief Development and Partnerships Officer, Food Banks Canada. “It’s been a tough year for those that struggle with food insecurity and your donations truly make a difference. On behalf of Food Banks Canada and the network of over 4,750 food banks and community organizations, thank you for your support.”

For more information on Food Banks Canada and how you can continue to give back, visit