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Crave and save on Smokies

Cajun & Honey Garlic flavours. Just $1.99 each!

Build your own Big Bite®.

A taste of our quarter pound Big Bite® is a taste of our biggest hot dog with 100% beef and no fillers— yes, no fillers—inside a pillowy soft Non-GMO Big Bite Bun. Make it your own when you top it up with any of the 13 different sauces and condiments at our Big Bite Bar.

Condiment Bar

Try our condiment bar, featuring the usual suspects – ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo – along with dill pickles, diced onions, jalapeno pepper mix, sauerkraut, BBQ sauce, spicy mayo, salsa, chili sauce and nacho cheese sauce.

  • ketchup

  • mustard

  • spicy mayo

  • mayo

  • bbq sauce

  • relish

  • dill pickles

  • salsa

  • sauerkraut

  • diced onions

  • jalapeño pepper mix

  • nacho cheese

  • chili sauce

Bigger and Better
Than Ever

Our new quarter pound Big Bite
hot dogs are made for big appetites like yours.

You get an all-beef hot dog, a pillowy Canadian-made bun, and 13 different sauces and condiments to choose from when you customize your dog at our Big Bite Bar. Get a taste of the big life - build your Big Bite hot dog your way.