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The Slurpee Canada Skateboard Open is back.


In partnership with Canada Skateboard

June 2-4 Vancouver

June 23 -25 Winnipeg

July 7-9 Calgary

July 21-23 Quebec Cty

August 11-13 Halifax

August 19-20 Toronto

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Featured: Front-Side Air

Roll-Up: On the approach, up-pump the transition, extend your legs and drive the skateboard up the ramp to carry speed.
Carve up the ramp and start to bring your front knee to your chest.

Bonk: Slightly scrape the tail as you bonk the back wheel off the coping. Tuck your front knee, legs, and feet up to your chest.

Grab: The back hand grabs just in front of the back foot over the leg’s shin. Continue to tuck the front knee right to your chest.

Landing: Look over your front shoulder to spot your landing on the ramp. Adjust your body position to the transition, let go of the board and land!

Slurpee Trick Tips: Practicing the movement below the coping is a good idea. Try a few flyouts to the deck when attempting front-side airs to get the feel of the bonk. *Please do not attempt if not under appropriate supervision.