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7-Eleven presents: The One Slice Challenge™

Got your milk ready? If not, you better grab it.

The One Slice Challenge is here, and we’ll break down everything you need to prove you’re nice with the spice. Pro tip: make sure you don’t need to be anywhere important afterwards; you may have sweat through your clothes.

1. Start with any slice of 7-Eleven Pizza. We recommend the new 7-Meat Pizza, with seven delicious meaty toppings, 100% whole milk mozzarella and tangy tomato sauce.

2. Top that with 2 oz. of Paqui® Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips. Crush them, stack them, or do whatever you like! Just get 'em on there.

3. Pour an entire packet of our new 11-Pepper Sauce ON TOP of that. It’s a unique blend of eleven different peppers that'll have you blowing out imaginary candles in front of your face.

4. Wash it all down with a can of Liquid Death Water (still or sparkling). Relax, it’s just water…or is it?

If that sounds like a lot to put together, don’t worry. Just head in store and grab our $3 One Slice Challenge Bundle* with 7REWARDS, equipped with everything you need to set your face on fire and absolutely crush this challenge.

The rest is up to you! Get creative, prep your camera, and have fun with it. Tag us @7eleven and post your attempt on TikTok with #OneSliceChallenge. It’s going down through the end of Halloween, so don’t be scared to test your tastebuds…if you dare.